What is Email Marketing?

E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. It is used to maintain relationships with potential customers, keep current customers informed and updated on your brand, offer coupons to encourage customer loyalty, and more.

Reasons email marketing is beneficial for business growth:

  • Email has larger reach.
  • Email delivers your message.
  • Email delivers conversions.
  • Email has higher ROI.
  • Email will be forever.
  • Email is an open platform.

 Process to get email IDs:

  • Sign up form- Sign up  forms can help us in getting email ids and informations .These forms are embedded in facebook ads, websites, google ads for here we can get details about are  target audience.
  • Email extracting- We don’t have data but we know whom to target so  we will type ,   ”com””google.com”keyword with country in google search engine .
  • Data Purchasing- We can buy data from different platforms, like shine.com, fiver.com


Subscriber email marketing: In subscriber email marketing   an internet user who permits a particular brand to send regular emails to them.

Bulk email marketing: A bulk email is a marketing message sent by a brand to multiple recipients at once. It aims to promote a business, sell goods, and develop relationships.

email marketing

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 A website is a collection of  WebPages  . Types of website:

  • Personal Portfolios: A website that focus on an individual, generally created as a portfolio for work and of resume purposes.
  • · Corporate Website: A website that talks about a specific business .It tell about team and contact information.
  • · E-Commerce Website: A website that sells products or services online to its customers.
  • · Social Media Website: A website that allows electronic communication between online communities.
  • · Informative Website: A website that combines & presents information from diff sources. Its basically  a respository of website. Its types:
  1.                     Classified portals
  2.                     Education portals
  3.                     News portals
  4.                     Industry Specific portals
  5.                     Job portals

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