A website is a collection of  WebPages  . Types of website:

  • Personal Portfolios: A website that focus on an individual, generally created as a portfolio for work and of resume purposes.
  • · Corporate Website: A website that talks about a specific business .It tell about team and contact information.
  • · E-Commerce Website: A website that sells products or services online to its customers.
  • · Social Media Website: A website that allows electronic communication between online communities.
  • · Informative Website: A website that combines & presents information from diff sources. Its basically  a respository of website. Its types:
  1.                     Classified portals
  2.                     Education portals
  3.                     News portals
  4.                     Industry Specific portals
  5.                     Job portals


An e-commerce website is used to host the inventory of online store. Online store are websites where people can view, and place an order for any product.

Component of e-commerce website :

  1. Industry of e-commerce: After the introduction of 3g and 4g internet user of online shopping has been growing rapidly. In India internet become cheap in last 3 years. Around 80% are using internet. It has been noticed that profit of online stores in India increases in past 3 years. There are some more reason why people are shifting on online shopping like low cost of maintain ace,
  1. Industry size: E-commerce industry is likely to grow with average rate of 35%, and cross 100 billion in next five years. India has an internet users base of about 475 million as of July 2019, about 40% of the population. This number is expected to be 627 million by the end of 2019. Despite India is the second-largest user base in world, only behind China (650 million, 48% of population).
  2. E-commerce websites- E-commerce websites are the platform that offers online goods and services. Technologies like mobile, laptop, and other networking devices allow people to shopping online, getting any information within seconds, and services are also becoming more comfortable. Today every person in India perfectly aware to online shopping, if someone want to purchase any product first of all they try to get review through internet, also they compare things at best. E-commerce also provide business to business product selling.
  3. Payment Gateway- Payment gateway is important part of e-commerce. It has provided a medium to send payment from customer to business.  The main role of a payment gateway is to authorize transactions between you and your customers. Remember, without a payment gateway approving the transaction process cannot go move forward and we won’t receive your money.
  4. Shipping partner- Shipping partners are also very important part of business. To deliver products we need an authorized and trustworthy shipping partner.que-es-ecommerce

Types of ecommerce store

  1. Self-hosted e-commerce- E-commerce that have their own hosting server
  2. Stores on SAS platform-
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